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Bring Them In is a ministry dedicated to helping those in the Bus and Children's Ministry of the local church. We do this through our Children's Ministry Training Events, our books, materials and resources, and this website. Bring Them In conferences and seminars have been attended by thousands of children’s workers from hundreds of churches for over 40 years.

Bring Them In is a non-profit organization. When you shop in our online catalog, you help to support this ministry, as well as the ministries that we help through the Bring Them In Evangelistic Association, Inc. Donations are appreciated as well, and are tax deductible.

We love kids and want to help you and your church to be successful in developing excellence in every area of your children's ministry.

Larry HippsDr. Larry Hipps

Dr. Larry Hipps has spent all of his adult life working in the local church. He began in 1970 at Flint River Baptist Church, in Huntsville, Alabama, his home church.

From there Larry was called to West Rome Baptist Church in Rome, Georgia. During his four years there, the Bus Ministry climbed from an average of 125 on five buses to 400 on eight buses. In 1980 Larry went to Broadway Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. During his seven years there, the buses averaged fifty per route with an all time high of 1,576 on twenty routes. Larry’s duties at Broadway also included Junior Church, the Puppet Ministry and the children’s Sunday school.

From 1988 until 2004, Larry served as the Children’s Teaching Pastor where he was responsible for the Bus Ministry, Children’s Church and AWANA Club at the 20,000 member Sagemont Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. There he conducted three Children’s services.

In 2011 Larry became the Family Pastor at Harvest Point Church in Nacogdoches, Texas and serve there until August, 2014. While in Nacodoches, he developed the Small Church Kid's Ministry seminar, the newest training event from Bring Them In.

Larry Hipps heads the Bring Them In Ministries, which he has for 40+ years and has spoken in Revivals, Bus and Children’s Church Conferences and Church Growth Seminars by invitation in 36 states, Canada, Mexico and South Africa. He is the past president of the International Bus Ministry Association and the author of several books, including the BTI Children’s Church Lessons, God’s Top Ten, the BTI Bus Director’s Manual, and the BTI Bus Captain’s Handbook.

Larry is the host for all our Children's Ministry Conferences and leads the BTI Seminars. He is available to preach in your services, do Children’s Church or Sunday 'School, provide custom training for your Bus and Children’s Ministry, VBS, do a special Family Service, serve as the camp pastor at your camps or do anything that would be helpful to your ministry. You can contact him using the "Contact Us" link below to have him in your church.

What We Believe:

The verbal, plenary inspiration of the Scriptures
Only one true God
The Trinity of the Godhead
The Holy Spirit and His ministry
The personality of Satan
The Genesis account of creation
Original sin and the fall of man
The virgin birth of Christ
Salvation through faith in the shed blood of Christ
The bodily resurrection and priesthood of Christ
Grace and the new birth
Justification by faith
Sanctification of the believer
Security of the believer
The church
The ordinances of the local church: baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper
Biblical separation
Obedience to civil government
The place of Israel
The pretribulational rapture of the church
The premillennial return of Christ
The millennial reign of Christ
Eternal glory in Heaven for the righteous
Eternal torment in Hell for the wicked

Thank you for your interest in and support of the Bring Them In Ministry.

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