Realm of the Rabbit

Realm of the Rabbit
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A collection of ideas and routines for use with a Rabbit in the Hat puppet. (You can order yours in the "Puppet" section of this catalog.)

The rabbit captures everyone in its spell. This rabbit isn't magical; it isn't alive; it's a puppet. A small inanimate collection of fake fur and stuffing with an ordinary black hat, has, well... an absorbing personality!

Learn how to take such simple ingredients and create a wonderful world of unforgettable ministry opportunities with a Rabbit in the Hat puppet. Written by Douglas L. Wathen.

Chapter titles include:

• Getting Started
• Bit by Bit
• Something Happens
• The Balloon Trick
• Dove from Rabbit
• Welcome to Peking
• Always on my Mind
• A Refreshing Trick
• Christmas Stuff
• All Good Things

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