Go and Find Them . . .Help to Win Them

Go and Find Them . . .Help to Win Them
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Bus Evangelist Rick Mitchell has put together a helpful book for anyone in the Bus Ministry.

It is divided into four sections:

Section One: Workers

  1. How to Develop and Maintain a Bus Ministry
  2. Seven Essentials of the Bus Ministry
  3. Discipline of Bus Riders
  4. Steps to Increase Your Bus Attendance
  5. Running a Program on the Bus
  6. Reaching the Parents of Your Bus Children
  7. Why do We Have Bus Ministry Slumps
  8. Sixteen Things that will Kill a Bus Route
  9. What Causes Bus Workers to be Discouraged

Section Two: Teachers

  1. The World’s Best Sunday School Teacher
  2. Lesson Preparation and Object Lessons
  3. Why are You Teaching?
  4. Ten Principles of Good Teaching
  5. Ten Tips for Successful Classroom Control
  6. Leading Little Ones to Christ
  7. Junior Church
  8. Too Old for Sunday School?

Section Three: Legal Issues

  1. Legal Issues Regarding Child Abuse

Section Four: Handouts and Forms

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