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The King of Hearts

The King of Hearts
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What's the king of your heart?

Three jumbo playing cards are shown. The one in the middle is the King of Hearts.

A volunteer takes the middle card from the three and holds it with the back to the audience. The other two cards are shown to the audience and put aside. When the card is turned over, it now has the head of Christ on it - the real King of Hearts.

Simple to do but very effective and easy to use while presenting the Gospel.

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  • Gospel Card Montes

    Gospel Card Montes $7.50

    King of the Jews and The Exchange

    Two clever montes with a spiritual message! King of the Jews is a three card monte that demonstrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Exchange is a two card monte that illustrates a relationship with Jesus Christ. Beautifully printed on glossy card stock, you can carry these wherever you go and you will always be ready to share God’s Word!

    Easy to do. Full instructions included and specially printed playing cards.

    A great idea from Honest Deceiver Ministries.

  • Key to the Kingdom

    Key to the Kingdom $12.00

    Eleven cards are displayed before the audience. A spectator freely chooses a number between one and ten. His number is used to select and mark a card for future reference.

    Each card is turned around revealing ideas about what some people may think it takes to get to heaven. Finally the card marked as the spectators choice is turned around to reveal the Christ Head Card.

    The spectators choice is the one and only correct "KEY TO THE KINGDOM".

    If you are looking for a strong trick that could be your entire sermon, this is it. (Junbo Size)

  • He is Risen

    He is Risen $15.00

    Three large cards are shown. Each has a printed cross on it, but the middle one is a different color easily depicting it as Christ on the cross between the two thieves. You place the three cards in a large folder with a picture of THE TOMB printed on it. As you tell the crucifixion story, you remove the two thief cards leaving only the Christ card in the tomb. The folder is then shown to be empty except for a card with the words “He Is Not Here” printed on it. The audience thinks the Christ card is on the reverse side and asks you to turn it over. When you do, the words “He Is Risen” appear on the back.

    Very strong Gospel Magic and very easy to do. Many performers use this in all their programs but this illusion is a must for any program around the Easter season.

  • The King is Coming!

    The King is Coming! $6.00

    A small packet of jumbo playing cards are shown and turned face down. As you spell out each card (one, two, three, etc.) the top card is always the number spelled.

    A spectator then does it and the King of Hearts always comes on top. The Gospel routine and story are based on the soon return of Jesus Christ, the true King of Hearts.

    A good witnessing tool.

  • Parade of the Gospels

    Parade of the Gospels $6.00

    The performer shows a paper folder and explains that four cards are inside, each representing one of the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. Then he asks ANY spectator to think of one of the gospels and tell his or her choice.

    The cards are removed from the folder and everyone sees that one card and one card only is facing the audience. It is always the chosen card - no matter what card the spectator picks. Simple to do with several gospel applications.

    This lesson, like all our gospel illusions, is large enough to use with bigger audiences.

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