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Foam Wand

Foam Wand
Price: $22.50



This silly looking magic wand is huge!

It wiggles, wobbles and is as funny as can be. You can use this wand as a gag or a production item.

Stuff it into a Pringles potato chip can and slowly withdraw it. It looks like it's coming from nowhere.

If you are looking for a fun item for clowning, puppets, or magic, this is it!

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    Clown, puppets, or anyone wanting to get a laugh or teach an object lesson, will get lots of use out of this item.

  • Foam Pencil

    Foam Pencil $15.00

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  • Christian Unicycle Routines

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    book is written for unicyclists who want to use their talents to share
    God's Word. It contains 20 Christian unicycling routines.

    (8 x 11 spiral bound book)

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