Custom Made Seminars

Ministries come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes the usual conferences andseminars just do not fit your needs. You take your workers, spend money,and come away wishing it had been different. All that is about to change!

Now you can have a Kid’s Ministry seminar with Larry Hipps exactly like
you want to have it – you customize everything!

You pick the dateFind a time that works well for you and your workers.

You select the locationSince it is at your church, you will minimize travel cost. And since it is local, your workers are more likely to attend.

Invite who you want Your seminar can be just for your leaders or you can invite other churches, allowing you to network and, if you have a registration fee for those outside your church, you can help cover the cost of the seminar or raise funds for your ministry.

You chose the training topics With over 30 workshops to pick from, you are sure to find the ones your ministry is in need of – many that are not covered in other training events. Don't see what you need - just let us know and we will put it together for you - after all, this is a custom made seminar!

You decide the time frame Two hours, two days, Thursday night, a weekend, or a week. . . .it is up to you!

You can further customize your seminar by designing it to specifically meet your needsDo a Bus Ministry seminar in the morning, meet with Children’s Church workers in the afternoon, and have a banquet with the Sunday School leaders that night, have Larry speak in a worship service, Children’s Church or at a special family service – you decide!

Bring Them In and Larry Hipps have trained thousands of Children’s Ministry leaders in hundreds of church of all sizes with poven methods that really work. We can guarantee your workers will be better at what they do – with more confidence, helping them to be successful and make a difference in ministry. You will receive training that’s engaging, effective, and fun!

There are no set fees - you provide a love offering plus travel expense, accommodations, and meals for Larry. The only other cost is printing the workshop handouts for the seminar.

About Larry Hipps
Dr. Larry Hipps has spent all of his adult life working in a local church – churches of all sizes, from small churches running a hundred to a mega-church with 4,000+ in attendance. He has a wealth of information that he uses to help churches reach kids and their parents for Christ. You will find Larry funny, warm, energizing, interactive, and practical. 

Larry has been in the Children’s Ministry for over 40 years, he combines old school with the latest methods to provide training that you cannot get anywhere else. 
Larry heads the Bring Them In Ministries, which he has for 40+ years and has spoken in Revivals, Bus and Children’s Church Conferences and Church Growth Seminars by invitation in 36 states, Canada, Mexico and South Africa. He is the past president of the International Bus Ministry Association and the author of several books, including the BTI Children’s Church Lessons, the BTI Bus Director’s Manual, and the BTI Bus Captain’s Handbook.

Some of the 30+ Training Topics

A Funny Thing Happened on the Church Bus: After 40+ years in the Kid’s Ministry, Larry has had some hilarious things happen that will have you rolling in the floor with laughter. But these stories are not just funny; they teach something about our relationship with God and the ministry to children. You will laugh and cry but you will not soon forget the lessons presented. 

The Children’s Ministry in the Smaller Church: Small churches present a unique set of challenges – getting workers, undersized budgets, space, little growth, and unsupportive leadership just to name a few. This workshop will present some ways to face these challenges (including a lesson from Shamgar) and improve your ministry no matter the size of your church.

Kid’s Ministry Pitfalls to Avoid: We all take shortcuts sometime but these things will hurt your ministry over the long run. We will talk about common hazards and how to prevent them with your workers. 

How to Recruit and Keep Kid’s Ministry Workers: Everyone needs workers – it is the most common problem in churches everywhere. Here are some suggestions on how to obtain workers and then keep them serving for years to come.

New Bus Ministry Methods Churches are Trying: The last seven words of the church are, “We have never done it that way before.”  Many churches have simply given up on the Bus Ministry but some churches have decided their Bus Ministry is worth saving.  However, a 1980’s approach is just not going to work for them with today’s kids. There are some new ways of doing an old ministry that might work for your church as well.

What is a Cutting Edge Children’s Ministry?: You hear a lot about developing  a “cutting edge” ministry for kids but what exactly does that mean? Is it lots of TVs, smart phones, Facebook, and high tech equipment or is it something simpler?  Find out what an advanced, innovative ministry is and how you can have one.

How to Make Your Lessons more Fun and Effective:  There are some easy “add-ons” that can make your lessons exceptional and memorable. These Include object lessons, gospel magic, simple puppets, and more, that anyone can do.

Dealing with Discipline Problems: One thing you can count on with kids: you are going to have discipline problems from time to time. Here are some things you can do to help make things run smoother and help children behave. 

Puppet Ministry 101: How to start a puppet ministry that works with today’s kids. Includes the basics for puppeteers and leaders and lots of hands-on learning.

Ten Ways to Improve Your Children’s Ministry: Simple things that any church can do to take your ministry to the next level.

Leading a Child to Christ:  We assume every Children’s Ministry workers knows how to lead a child to a saving knowledge of Christ, but that is not always true. This workshop will teach you the right questions to ask and how to explain things in a way that children understand. 

Tips to Make Learning Exciting: Understanding Learning Styles: Some kids like to read, others like to draw, and still others enjoy building things. Each child learns in different ways. Learn how kids learn so you can teach more effectively. 

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