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Bus Ministry Trio

Bus Ministry Trio
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Save $6.00 on Three Great Bus Ministry Books by Gene Johnson!

Handbook for Bus Workers and Children's Church

22 Chapters:

  1. Why a Bus Ministry?
  2. How to Get Started and Preparing to Go
  3. "We Love Children" Brochure
  4. The Pitch - What to Say at the Door
  5. Planning Your Bus Meeting
  6. Soul-Winning on the Bus Route
  7. Bus Director's Responsibility
  8. Bus Captain's Responsibility
  9. Bus Monitor's Responsiblity
  10. Basic Visitation Tips
  11. Ten Things that Will Kill a Bus Route
  12. Plan Some Big Days
  13. Promotions of the Bus
  14. Children's Church
  15. Setting Up Children's Church
  16. Have a Leader - Be Prepared - Make it Happen
  17. Counselors in Children's Church
  18. Children's Church Invitation
  19. Schedule for Children's Church
  20. Legal Issues Regarding Child Abuse
  21. Favorite Choruses to Sing
  22. Flyers, Promotional Ideas, Door Hangers and Miscellaneous

52 Weeks of Bus Promos and Ideas

Full pages flyers to give you a year's worth of promotional ideas for your Bus/Van Ministry.

Campaigns and Big Days for your Bus Ministry

This book by Dave Smith not only give you the how-tos on having a big day, but also the philosophy behind promotions and campaigns.

Chapter titles:

What is a Bus Campaign?
Some Thoughts in Promoting your Campaigns and Big Days
Sample Baptism Permission and Adult Guest Cards
Year One – Spring and Fall Campaigns
Year Two - Spring and Fall Campaigns
Year Three - Spring and Fall Campaigns
Year Four - Spring and Fall Campaigns
Year Five - Spring and Fall Campaigns
A Big Bus Day – A Carnival
A Big Bus Day – Roller Skating
A Big Bus Day – Pumpkin Sunday
A Bus Round-Up
Bus Ministry Helps

Lots of good help and ideas for any Bus Ministry - new or old!

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    Sunday School Sing-a-Long - Combo $19.00

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    the songs you sang in Sunday school? This collection of 45 traditional
    Sunday school songs and choruses, sung by the Patch choir, will teach
    and admonish your own little ones with timeless biblical truths. 45
    songs and choruses, including:

    Arky, Arky • Behold, Behold
    • Climb, Climb Up Sunshine Mountain • Daniel • Deep And Wide • Do, Lord
    • Father Abraham • Gideon • Give Me Oil In My Lamp • Good News •
    Hallelu, Hallelujah! • Happy All The Time • Heavenly Sunshine • His
    Banner Over Me Is Love • I'll Be A Sunbeam • I'm In The Lord's Army •
    I've Got The Joy • If You're Saved And You Know It • Jesus Loves Even
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    O Be Careful • Obedience • One Door And Only One • Only A Boy Named
    David • Praise Him, Praise Him • Rolled Away • Stop! And Let Me Tell
    You • Thank You, Lord • The B-I-B-L-E • The Poochie Lip Disease • The
    Sunday School Song • The Wise Man Built His House • This Little Light
    Of Mine • Who Did? • Wide, Wide As The Ocean • Wiggle Worm • Zacchaeus

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    Sunday School Sing-a-Long 2 Combo $19.00

    Get the CD & Book!

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    Selections include: Jesus in the Morning • I'm Gonna Sing • I've Been Redeemed • Lean-a Lean • Put on Your Running Shoes • O-B-E-Y • Whisper a Prayer • There Were Twelve Disciples • Pigs Don't Live in Houses plus many more

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