Back to School SMASH!
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Now you can easily create a memorable party day full of impact for the children and families in your church. Extreme Party Plans are perfect for Big Days, Theme Days, Special Events, 5th Sunday Parties or any other time you want to create a day the kids won’t soon forget.

Is it time for a BACK TO SCHOOL SMASH! Make going back to school an EVENT at your church? So many SMASHING ideas are included in this party plan to make the event memorable and a BLAST!

This is a fabulous opportunity for the kids to invite friends -- this can be as much of an outreach day as your VBS! Grab the opportunity to plant some seeds in the kids hearts and the hearts of their friends.

Our party plans are designed to make it amazingly easy for you to create a fabulous event filled with fun, memories, and impact. We have included ideas galore, probably more than you will use in one time block. But, maybe not; maybe you are as crazy as us!

Here's what you'll get:

  • An overview of the party theme and purpose

  • An idea to have a missions impact associated with your event

  • Decorating ideas – so you can just pick a couple and do them or, if you are addicted to decorating, perhaps our ideas will spark your creativity

  • Prize ideas – in case you want to use the event to challenge the kids to bring guests or memorize extra verses - or whatever you think of!

  • A pre-service activity – so there is something prepared for the kids to do as they arrive. If they are engaged from their entrance, the fun is multiplied and the order and control are too.

  • A creative idea for the offering collection if you have that as part of your service.

  • Game ideas – typically we include three. They are ideas that can easily be pulled together. Most of the time they involve energy and movement to get the wiggles worked out and to make the party feel stronger.

  • Skit – we include some type of skit. Sometimes we recommend puppets, sometimes live. But usually the skit can be adapted for either. And it is always a fun, silly, comedic skit. The kids love it. It is nothing more than a story being acted out. Who doesn’t love a good story?

  • Memory verse activity – most of the time the memory verse activity feels like another game to the kids. But this game is ever so much more important.

  • Snack ideas – it is so fun to have the snack coordinate with the theme for the day. It just seals the theme in their minds and makes the memory of the day stronger.

  • Craft idea – Every group of people has different views on crafts. Some people live for them, some people hate them. Use the idea, ditch the idea, whatever works for you. But we have included an idea for those that like to have a craft for the kids, but don’t want to have to think of one. We keep them simple because there is so much packed into these events already. But it is fun to have a theme-inspired craft for them to take home.

  • Object lesson – An object lesson associated with the theme of the day is just another word for impact. It is fun, it is simple to prepare (we’ve given you all the details necessary), and it creates a visual for the kids to connect the theme to a message.

  • Bible lesson – the lesson included with the party plan is short, but carries a punch. Because you have let them run, entertained their mind, fed their tummy, and stimulated their senses; they are typically very attentive to your lesson (this is dozens and dozens of party event experience talking here).

  • Review game – sometimes you need another activity, oftentimes you don’t. We have included an idea for you in case you do.

  • Preschool adaptation – Since the main body of the party plan is written for elementary school aged children, we have included a preschool adaptation so the little ones can enjoy the event as well. This section makes it so easy for your preschool teachers to bring the party theme to the little ones.

  • Flyer – we also included a simple flyer layout. You can write in your date, time, location and simply copy and hand out. Give them a few weeks’ notice so they can keep the date open for this amazing event.

It is written with the idea of a 2 hour time frame in mind. You can make it longer by expanding on the game and craft time. You can make it shorter by using only one game and skipping one of the other features. 

Make it your own.

Have a blast.

Make some memories.

Your kids will thank you now and down the road as well.

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