Joy Stealers - the Life of Joseph

Joy Stealers - the Life of Joseph
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Leigh and Pamela Oslin have been working with children for years. Leigh is know as "Pastor Oz" and Pamela has worked for several different Christian publishers during the past fifteen years.  She has recently written lessons for children that are designed to help children learn some of the foundational truths they need to live biblically. Joy Stealers - the Life of Joseph consists of seven lessons that guide children to respond to conflicts with others in a godly way.

Leigh and Pamela beleive that we must begin training children in vital godliness earlier. They begin experiencing conflict with others when they are toddlers. Yet there is often no instruction in handling conflict biblically until they are adults. We often punish children when they handle situations badly without instructing them in how to respond the way God wants them to. Through Joseph’s life, we can all learn how to correctly respond to others – something necessary to navigate through life God’s way, from our youth to adulthood.

Each lesson can have an impact on a life by presenting a biblical truth and encouraging every child to make the decision to choose Christ. They are appropriate for Sunday school, children’s church, Christian school chapel or Bible classes.

Table of Contents

  • Purpose Statement
  • Overview of Joy Stealers
  • Philosophy behind the Lessons
  • Expanded Salvation Invitation


1 – Father Always Liked You Best!

2 – This Can’t Be Happening!

3 – Whoa, Baby! Run!

4 – It Isn’t Fair!

5 – Can You See What I See?

6 – Warning! Warning!

7 – Me? Forgive Them?

The Oslin's are offering these lessons free of charge to those who will use them. They ask only that you consider giving a gift to their ministry as missionaries to the children of the world. Designate any tax deductible gift for Leigh Oslin. Make checks payable to their mission board, The Gospel Preacher Association.    

Send gifts to:  

Gospel Preacher Association   
P.O. Box 465177 
Lawrenceville, GA 30042-5177

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