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Monday Morning Motivators

Monday Morning Motivators
Price: $14.00



This is a full set of 50 full-color cards which include a small easel for easy display. Each Monday simply switch the top card to the back and you are ready for another week of teacher help. Twenty-five weeks are about a teacher's significant, and twenty-five weeks are about a teacher's motivation.

A simple tool to help you in your walk with God. The goal is to keep the cards in a place where you can read them several times a week.

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  • Intentional Self-Motivation for Christian Workers - CD Package

    Intentional Self-Motivation for Christian Workers - CD Package $17.00

    Motivation!  We all need it, but it sounds like work.  It is
    definitely not a "given" that lasts forever from birth.  We can also be
    taught to slack off, to tell our self that we still deserve a full
    salary without the 100% we us to give.  We see this in the fast food
    restaurants where workers seem more interested in break-time than
    service time.  We can be influenced to belive that we no longer reap
    what we sow.

    Abb Thomas says, "Show me someone with self-motivation and a worthy goal and I will
    show you a goal that will be reached soon!  That is a personal who has
    taken control of where his mind spends its time!"

    Throughout this CD package, we will cover several topics to remind
    ourselves of good, practical self-motivation.  Each session lasts
    approximately 15 minutes. 

    Some topics covered in this package include:

    1. Increased Passion Moves Me!
    2. The Greatest Mover is the Mission.
    3. Evaluation Initiates Greater Achievement.
    4. Clarifying My Role Settles My To-do List.

    And more!

    Ideal for teacher's meetings.

  • Developing a Dynamic Volunteer Team Leadership Package

    Developing a Dynamic Volunteer Team Leadership Package $55.00

    By Pat Meyers

    More children's ministers quit due to volunteer issues than all the other issues combined!

    Recruiting is hard ... agreed.  And staffing children's rooms where the volunteer has to miss a service is difficult ... yup.  BUT ... it can be done!  Successfully. Enthusiastically. Peacefully. And with FUN!

    How would you like to have a strong, fully staffed volunteer team that runs as smooth as silk week-in, week-out, month-in, month-out…even while you’re on vacation!

    This set of material is proven to work and it can help you as you get the workers you need.

    Here's what you get:

    1.  Volunteer Manual ($39.95 value). The 4 Step System that will help you build your "dream team."

    2.  One Volunteer Appreciation Plan  ($7.95 value). Everyone likes to hear "Thank you!"

    3.  One Year of Newsletters -- already done for you -- you will look like a communications expert!  ($9.95 value).

    4.  A cd from the Atlanta 2005 Children's Pastor's Conference:  "How I build a strong volunteer team of 196 workers out of a church with less than 600 adults!"  And you can do it, too.  This lecture has been given dozens of times to rapt audiences ready to learn more.  Now you can listen over and over and share it with your team.  ($9.95 value)

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