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Monday Morning Motivators

Monday Morning Motivators
Price: $14.00



This is a full set of 50 full-color cards which include a small easel for easy display. Each Monday simply switch the top card to the back and you are ready for another week of teacher help. Twenty-five weeks are about a teacher's significant, and twenty-five weeks are about a teacher's motivation.

A simple tool to help you in your walk with God. The goal is to keep the cards in a place where you can read them several times a week.

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  • Intentional Self-Motivation for Christian Workers - CD Package

    Intentional Self-Motivation for Christian Workers - CD Package $17.00

    Motivation!  We all need it, but it sounds like work.  It is
    definitely not a "given" that lasts forever from birth.  We can also be
    taught to slack off, to tell our self that we still deserve a full
    salary without the 100% we us to give.  We see this in the fast food
    restaurants where workers seem more interested in break-time than
    service time.  We can be influenced to belive that we no longer reap
    what we sow.

    Abb Thomas says, "Show me someone with self-motivation and a worthy goal and I will
    show you a goal that will be reached soon!  That is a personal who has
    taken control of where his mind spends its time!"

    Throughout this CD package, we will cover several topics to remind
    ourselves of good, practical self-motivation.  Each session lasts
    approximately 15 minutes. 

    Some topics covered in this package include:

    1. Increased Passion Moves Me!
    2. The Greatest Mover is the Mission.
    3. Evaluation Initiates Greater Achievement.
    4. Clarifying My Role Settles My To-do List.

    And more!

    Ideal for teacher's meetings.

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