The Needle Thru The Balloon

The Needle Thru The Balloon
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You have a spectator blow up an ordinary balloon and tie it off.

 You then explain that the Bible says Satan often attacks us with his fiery darts but if we are walking with God: praying, reading the Bible, attending church, etc. then the darts have no effect on us.

As you talk, you take a long metal needle with a ribbon on the end and openly stick the point in one end of the balloon. The balloon does not pop and you push the needle through the balloon to the other end, continuing completely through the balloon with the ribbon following (yes, it really does go through the balloon) in plan view of everyone.

When the needle is removed, you explain that a person without Christ or a Christian not living for Him will have a difficult time standing up to the devil’s darts.

With that, you toss the balloon in the air and pop it with the same needle that just went completely thought it!

Everything you need is included.

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