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Finger Spies (Peepers)

Finger Spies (Peepers)
Price: $2.00



These Finger Spies, aka Peepers®, consist of a pair of round eyes connected by a plastic ring.

Slip them over your finger, and your hand becomes a puppet! Great for lip synch practice, variety show segments, or just for fun! And best of all, kids love them!

Comes in assorted colors and we'll pick your peeper for you.

"Peeper Puppet Idea Book" also available separately.

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  • "Billy" Bible - Red

    "Billy" Bible - Red $25.00

    This little Bible puppet has a lot of character. He is made of flame retardant sponge-backed fleece with arms and legs attached.

    He has felt letters you can glue to the side that read "BIBLE" or "BOOK". He's just right for beginning puppeteers, classroom use, gift-giving, or as a special character.

    He has a soft, pliable mouth, is 15 inches in height, and is large enough for an adult hand.

    You can also get the book, "Bible Puppet Scripts" and Billy's friends to teach some wonderful lessons.

  • Black Crow

    Black Crow $25.00

    18” of cute fun – can be used as a whispering puppet too!

    It squeaks!

    Please allow two weeks for delivery.


  • Complete Rabbit in the Hat Kit

    Complete Rabbit in the Hat Kit $55.00

    This kit has everything you need to get started with the Rabbit in the Hat.

    • The Rabbit in the Hat
    • The book,"Realm of the Rabbit," to accompany puppet,
    • And a complete supply of props to do the routines in the books.

    The routines described in the book show how you can use simple props such as these to successfully make the rabbit come alive and the props bag includes hankie, bundle of fake TNT, plastic chain, round balloons, and a red Christmas stocking.

    You save $5.00 when you buy the complete kit!

  • Rabbit in the Hat

    Rabbit in the Hat $30.00

    Both you and the kids will love this charming rabbit puppet in its home, a black magician's hat. This character does not have a moving mouth, but is designed to have expressive arm motions. It is great as a silent or ventriloquism partner.

    When you poke your hand up through the hat, out pops a fluffy white bunny waving his paws and twitching his nose. Let the rabbit do things while you're looking the opposite direction. Children love to see things happen that you don't. They will roar with laughter when you try to convince them it didn't happen. Have the rabbit repeat it again when you look away. He can wave your wand or pull things out of his hat.

    Detailed ideas for using this puppet are found in "Realm of the Rabbit" or "Hare Brained Ideas, Vol. 1" available separately. You can also get the "Rabbit in the Hat Prop Kit" that goes with the book.

    About 14" tall and one of the best characters for working with kids ever!

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