Rabbit in the Hat

Rabbit in the Hat
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Both you and the kids will love this charming rabbit puppet in its home, a black magician's hat. This character does not have a moving mouth, but is designed to have expressive arm motions. It is great as a silent or ventriloquism partner.

When you poke your hand up through the hat, out pops a fluffy white bunny waving his paws and twitching his nose. Let the rabbit do things while you're looking the opposite direction. Children love to see things happen that you don't. They will roar with laughter when you try to convince them it didn't happen. Have the rabbit repeat it again when you look away. He can wave your wand or pull things out of his hat.

Detailed ideas for using this puppet are found in "Realm of the Rabbit" or "Hare Brained Ideas, Vol. 1" available separately. You can also get the "Rabbit in the Hat Prop Kit" that goes with the book.

About 14" tall and one of the best characters for working with kids ever!

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