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Small Church Kid's Ministry Seminar

We are Working on Our 2018 Schedule -
Check Back Soon for More Seminar Dates & Locations!

This seminar is being rescheduled - the new date will be available soon.
Iron Hill Baptist Church
5172 Groovers Landing Road
Acworth, GA 30101

Benefits of Attending this Seminar:

Saturday Schedule & Topics:

8:30—9:00: Check-in
Seven Characteristics of Every Small Church and Why You Need to Know Them
How to get Started—Tips and Ideas to Start Working Toward the Children’s Ministry You Want
10:00—10:10 - Break


How to Make Your Teaching Fun, Effective, and Meaningful
Q & A Time
11:15—11:45: Lunch (Provided)
Getting Volunteers in the Smaller Church
The #1 Teaching Challenge in a Small Church (& Why it will Hurt Your Kid's Ministry)
Handling Discipline Problems
Budget? What budget? How to run your Kid’s Ministry on a shoestring
Q & A Time

There will be exhibit tables with Kid’s Ministry resources available for purchase.


Save when you register early!
1 - 4 People Attending - $17.50 per person
5 or More People Attending - $12.50 per person
Add $5.00 per person when paying at the door.

How This Seminar Came About

I have been in some area of the Children’s Ministry for the past 40+ years. I have served in all sized churches and have spoken in conferences, seminars, camps, Vacation Bible Schools, revivals, and dozens of other meetings all across the US. The two most recent ministries I have been involved with, besides the Bring Them In Ministry I head, is a mega-church in Houston, TX where I was part of the Children’s Ministry team for 15 years and three years in a small church in Nacogdoches, TX where I was the Family Pastor. (How I got here is an interesting story—I will tell you about it at the seminar.) What I discovered when I went from a church running 4,000 in attendance to one running less than 100 was the ministry in the smaller church was a whole lot harder! I had more work to do at the mega-church but a smaller church ministry presents a entirely different set of challenges.

I also discovered that all those training events I had been doing all these years probably were not all that helpful to those attending from smaller churches. It is simply not possible for a church running 100 to really understand how a Children’s Ministry in a church running 1,000 or more even functions much less how to apply their methods to a smaller church ministry.

I realized that I had to come up with a totally new way of thinking about things I had done for years and it worked. Our church slowly started  growing, we doubled our Sunday School attendance, more people became involved in ministry, and we started a Bus Ministry. I’m not kidding myself, the church still has a long way to go, but now they are ready to go to the next level.

I told you all that so you will know my story. My passion has always been to help churches reach kids for Christ and now I want to help smaller churches reach that next level and take what I have learn and apply it to their ministries.

Take a look at the schedule and see if what we have planned will help your church. I think most of it will help your entire church but our emphasis will be on the Children’s Ministry. If you think it can help, bring as many of your people as you can—we have tried to keep the cost as low as possible and still provide quality training.

I hope you will give this seminar prayerful consideration and join me at a location near you. I’m looking forward to meeting you and all your Kid’s Ministry workers.

Yours in His Certain Victory,

1 Cor. 15:57

How to Host this Seminar in Your Church

The host church’s responsibilities would be to:

  1. Provide a meeting area – the fellowship hall, the auditorium or another large room
  2. Have an area for 4 - 5 exhibit tables
  3. Provide a simple lunch for those attending – sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, etc.
  4. Make copies of the seminar worksheets for those attending.

Your Children’s Ministry workers would attend at no charge and those outside your church would pay a registration fee. It's a simple, top-quality, and cost-effective way to train your Children's Ministry volunteers.

Our Way of Saying Thanks for Hosting a Seminar

For 10 to 15 people attending from outside the church, you can choose $50 in products from the Bring Them In exhibit tables and another $25 in products for each additional 10 people attending from outside the church. This is a way for BTI to help your ministry and let you know how much we appreciate your partnering with us to hosting the seminar.

Call us at 281-922-6743 or email us at bringthemin@bringthemin.com for available dates and more information.

Call us: 281-922-6743

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