The Crystal Tube

The Crystal Tube
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Three silk handkerchiefs, each of a different color, are freely displayed to the audience. A clear, plastic tube is displayed and then the silks are placed into the tube, one at a time. The end of the tube is then placed to your lips and the silks are blown skyward. When they come down, they are tied together!

With a little thought you can teach several lessons with this one – here’s a couple to get you started.

1) Let the three silk scarves represent Sin or Fallen Man; The Blood of a Sacrificed Savior, and Eternity. Christian Growth or Heaven. The three silks are inserted into a clear tube.

When the silks are blown out of the tube, they are connected, illustrating the awesome power of our Savior Jesus Christ to link us to eternity through his shed blood (the red silk being in the middle).

2) Do a lesson on the Trinity, letting each silk represent one of the members of the Trinity, God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, Holy Spirit. You point out that each one is separate when you put them in the tube but when you blow them out and they are all connected, you point out that they are also ONE.

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