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12 Pieces of a Great Children's Church Class

12 Pieces of a Great Children's Church Class
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Essential training tool for yourself or your team!

This book takes you from saying hello to the kiddos all the way to goodbye with every single step along the way. Each piece of the puzzle is explained thoroughly with examples, ideas, creative touches and just the right "it" to make your class stand out from the rest. The kids will be thoroughly engaged from Hi to Bye!

Table of Contents:

How to Use This Book
1.The Greeting
2. Pre-Service Activity
3. Let’s Talk Games
4. Memory Verse Activity
5. Rules and Rewards
6. 12 Elements of Teaching a Bible Lesson
7. A Great Object Lesson
8. Living Visuals
9. Offering Time
10. Time for Review
11. Extra Time at the End
12. Take Home Stuff

Great training for anyone teaching kids!

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    Chapter Contents:

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    2. They Could Learn, if They Would Learn, in My Classroom!
    3. The Greater Purpose of Teaching: Life Change!
    4. The Teacher's Week of Preparation!
    5. The Spirit of God in it All/The Prayer Life of the Teacher.
    6. The Teacher's Time of Presentation!
    7. Application is Why You Teach!
    8. Methods, Techniques, and the Classroom Involvement.
    9. Evaluating or Verifying my Ministry of Teaching.
    10. Heaven!  For Sure and Forever!

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     Also includes tips and inspirational prompts to encourage teachers in their ministries.

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