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Cliffhanger Stories: Ronnie Reynolds, The Renegade Kid

Cliffhanger Stories: Ronnie Reynolds, The Renegade Kid
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Tales to be Told
Christian Adventure Series

The five-part continued story is a special story format designed around these points:

  • Multiple episodes – provide incentive to come back and hear the entire story.
  • Daily cliffhanger – Kids must return to find out what happens in these life and death situations.
  • Parenthetical teaching – Biblical teaching is repeatedly inserted for pertinent applications.
  • Real life situations – Kids can relate to the problems that the characters face and find biblical answers.

Ronnie Reynolds, the Renegade Kid

Ronnie Reynolds, the Renegade Kidis a five part drama about tough situations facing kids today. Ronnie creates many problems in his life because of his poor choices. Each conflict opens the door to teach a biblical solution to real life challenges. Each exciting episode of this five-part adventure leaves the listener hanging on to the edge of his seat. From the gang hideout in an old, abandoned building to a holdup gone bad – each episode offers intrigue and suspense. God’s love demonstrated through Pastor Doug shows Ronnie the truth that changes his life.

Simple to use – you just read - great for SS, Children's Church. Camp, and VBS!

PDF download – no shipping cost!


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