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I Wish Everyday Was Sunday

I Wish Everyday Was Sunday
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Ed Dunlop has decades of successful experience in working with children in all phases of the ministry. In this book, he draws from that experience to lay out the nuts and bolts of how to work effectively with the children in your own local church.

You will find easy-to-follow instructions on how to prepare a lesson that will connect with your young pupils. There are also guidelines for the use of visual aids, including the use of technology such as PowerPoint.

Of course, the goal of working with children is to reach them for Christ. Tips are given on how best to present the Gospel to children and give an invitation to which they will respond. You will also learn more about how to increase the size of your class.

Evangelist Ed Dunlop gives a comprehensive, practical and logical plan for your children’s ministries that will have your kids saying, “I Wish Every Day Was Sunday”.

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    Each chapter concludes with a helpful self-evaluation and fun-to-read question-and-answer section. Your teaching will sparkle with new life and your children's ministry will never be the same!

    Ed Dunlop is a children's evangelist who conducts drug and alcohol awareness assemblies in public schools, junior camps, teacher training seminars and kids' crusades in Fundamental churches. "I Can't Wait Till Sunday Morning!" is the result of his twenty-four years of ministry in children's churches across the nation.

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    This book by Ed Dunlop will help you develop a teaching style to create caring relationships with your students and help you eliminate most of your discipline problems. You are going to find out you are much more creative than you ever dreamed and that teaching can be a joyous, rewarding experience!

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