Pop Pop's Teeny Tunes 3 - CD

Pop Pop's Teeny Tunes 3 - CD
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For Preschooler!

Theme: Learning to Live

Take your little sailors on a magical tour of Teeny Tune Town with over 25 sing-along songs on CD, recorded in split-trax format.

Your toddlers will have the time of their lives as they join the parade with Pop Pop, Nanna Piano, and friends.

Song selections: Pop Pop's Theme •  Miss Polly •  My Hero •  Mommy's Clothes •  My Cat •  Mama •  I Am So Happy •  Perfect Company •  God Is Great •  Why Do I Have To Rush? •  Do You Have To Cut My Toenails? •  Sitting Still •  The Chatterbox •  Daddy's In Love With Mommy •  Where Does It Hurt? •  The Twelve Disciples •  Noah Built An Ark •  That Isn't Fair! •  I Want To Sit By You •  The FussBudget •  Patty Cake •  Good As Gold •  Thank You, Lord Jesus •  Jesus, Tender Shepherd •  Hush, My Baby •  Speak, Lord In The Stillness

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