BTI Material

For over 40 years, a big part of the Bring Them In Ministry has been supplying Children’s Ministry resources designed to help churches reach children and their families for Christ.

During that time we have also developed and published our own material. It is all written and compiled by Dr. Larry Hipps and God has blessed and used that material in thousands of churches.

All Bring Them In material is:

Biblically Based - you can trust BTI material to be true to the word and evangelistic.

Inexpensive - we know that you operate on a budget so we price our material as low as possible.

Kid Proven - each lesson has be used with actual kids in a classroom or children’s church, sometimes with as many as 300 children - we know that they will work.

Fluff Free - if you are looking for bells and whistles, keep looking. Our material is simple and very easy to use.

Along with the 500+ items in our catalog, here are the ones that carry the Bring Them In name.


Children’s Church Lessons

These lessons have been tested with overwhelming success in over 3,800 churches and they can work for you too. The content is very easy to use and can be adapted to fit any situation. They might be just what you’re looking for!

52 Lessons in Year 1 (all Old Testament with Special Christmas and Easter Lessons) - and 52 Lessons in Year 2 (18 Old Testament, 34 New Testament).

Each Lesson Includes:

  • A Life’s Message - A Bible principle around which the lesson is built.
  • A Bible Story - A step-by-step outline with special teacher helps that can easily be taught by anyone.
  • A Bible Verse - Taken from the King James to strengthen the lesson.
  • A Memory Word - A key word to help the children remember and understand the lesson better.
  • Two Object Lessons - Everyday objects designed to reinforce the Bible truth.
  • Two Activities - For fun and to allow the children to learn though enjoyment.
  • Review - Questions about the previous lesson.

Plus - Special Easter and Christmas lessons and easy-to-understand leader’s instructions which include four ways to teach a Bible lesson, how to teach a Bible verse, how to use the object lessons and the other parts of the lesson.

Purchase the children’s church lessons in our online catalog:

Combined - Purchase together to save money!
Year One - 48 Old Testament Lessons, One Christmas Lesson and Three Easter Lessons
Year Two - 18 Old Testament Lessons, 34 New Testament Lessons, One Christmas Lesson and Two Easter Lessons

Be sure to read what others are saying about our popular children’s church lessons below.

12 Reasons to Use the BTI Children’s Church Lessons

1. Easy to Use - Even “first-time” teachers can use these lessons with confidence.

2. Practical - Relates God’s Word to the children’s everyday lives.

3. Inexpensive - $40.00 for one year - less than 77 cents a week to teach any size Children’s Church or Sunday School Class.

4. Fundamental - Teaches the inspiration of the Scriptures, salvation, Christian service, Godly living and soul winning.

5. Organized - Goes systematically through the Bible with more than enough material for each lesson.

6. Builds Faith - Designed to help children believe in the authority and reliability of the Bible.

7. Proven - Each lesson has been used with thousands of boys and girls in over 3,800 churches world-wide.

8. Versatile - Can be used in Sunday School, Christian Schools, Camp, VBS or in any other group.

9. Special Lessons - For Christmas and Easter.

10. Evangelistic - Yet challenging to children who are already believers.

11. No Fluff - Just solid Bible truth and many lesson topics most curriculums never include.

12. Convenient - All 52 lessons are in one handsome binder and can be started any Sunday of the year.

Plus, there’s no extra “stuff” to buy!

What People Are Saying About BTI’s Children’s Church Lessons

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what others are saying about our Children’s Church Lessons.

Just wanted you to know that I recently purchased your curriculum. My husband is pastor of a small community church in Madison, TN and we have been flooded with kids from this very poverty stricken area. I have looked and looked for lessons that weren’t so cheesy for these streetwise kids that range from ages 3 to 14 and your stuff was it. I wanted you to know that I used the lesson on the Tower of Babel tonight and six of my boys in my group study got saved. YEAH!

Your lessons are just the pure gospel message and that is what Jesus still wants us to tell people about. I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that you have a part in those kids' salvation tonight because you were obedient and wrote this book. Thank you for serving the Lord and for the heart you have for the children’s ministry. I pray that He will continue to richly bless you.

In His Grip,

Sherry Farless
Children’s Ministry
Lighthouse Community Church
Madison, TN

I teach Children’s Church and have for several years. I want you to know that the two years that we have used your lessons have been the best. Your lessons are easy to follow with great activities that have really helped the kids to understand the Bible stories.

Thank you.

Elaine Savage
First Baptist Church
Ryan, OK

We have just begun to use the material and I am really impressed with its flexibility. I think it will be a good move for us. Thank you again and may God Bless.

Your servant for Christ,

Larry Harrison
Missionary to Northwest Canada and Alaska

We use the 2-year Bible lessons that we bought from you. The children really do enjoy them. I do too - as everything is prepared for the teacher. At our church we train teenage boys in junior church to learn to be teachers and this material is truly a blessing. Thank you for making it available. Many children are hearing the gospel weekly from God’s word and it’s in an easy to prepare lesson.

Again, thank you.

Mrs. Betty
Bossier City, LA

Download a sample lesson so that you can see if these lessons will meet your needs and what they have to offer you and your class. We encourage you to make as many copies of these sample lessons as you wish.

Download the sample lessons now!

When you’re ready, you can purchase the BTI Children’s Church Lessons in our online catalog:
  • Combined - Purchase together to save money!
  • Year One - 48 Old Testament Lessons, One Christmas Lesson and Three Easter Lessons
  • Year Two - 18 Old Testament Lessons, 34 New Testament Lessons, One Christmas Lesson and Two Easter Lesson.

Larry Hipps’ Best Selling Bus Ministry Books! The Bring Them In Bus Director’s Manual - This book points out that the success of a church’s Bus Ministry depends on the Bus Director and then shows you what to do to be successful. Written by someone who has been in the Bus Ministry for years and has headed some of the largest Bus Ministries in the country.

Chapter titles include:

  • The Duties of a Bus Director
  • What We’ve Learned About the Bus Ministry is the Past 30 Years
  • 52 Outlines for Your Bus Meeting
  • How to Obtain and Train Workers for the Bus Ministry
  • Reaching Bus Parents
  • And many more!

The Bring Them In Bus Captain’s Handbook - This book lists the duties of the Bus Captain, the bus driver, and all those who work on a church bus route. Easy-to-read, it is designed for volunteers with tips on how to enlist riders, what to say to parents, what to do on the bus to and from church, and includes cartoons and other items to make this little book both informative and entertaining.

This book is helpful and inexpensive - you’ll want to get one of these for everyone who works on your bus/van routes.

Purchase The Bring Them In Bus Director’s Manual ($10.00)

Purchase The Bring Them In Bus Pastor’s Handbook ($4.00)

Get Both and Save $3.00!

Read & Act Stories

This little book has 12 exciting Bible stories that you and the kids are going to love.

You simply read the stories and the children act them out. They learn Bible truths and have a ton of fun at the same time as they “perform” the humorous stories. Great for a last minute program or a spur-of-the moment lesson.

These stories are very easy to do and involve all the children - not only those who are doing the acting.

Fun, easy-to-use, and the kids learn - what more can you want! Now in a downloadable digital editions as well as print.

Just click the links below to purchases yours today!

Read & Act Stories Print

Read & Act Stories Digital